Holistic Marketing Services

Let me help you grow your business


Before I became a Reflexology therapist I was a Marketer. And it's something I've never quite been able to let go of!

I started my career working for a specialist magazine publisher in London, England, helping them grow their customer revenues through subscription services.  We covered sectors such as cars, motorsports, soccer, gadgets and music.  I then went on to manage subscription and membership growth for The Guardian - a British daily newspaper and international news provider.

Today I love to work with other Holistic Practitioners and Healthcare Providers to help them navigate the world of marketing.  Increasingly we're expected to produce engaging content and put ourselves out there on social media in a way that many practitioners just aren't comfortable with.  I'm here to help with that.

I'm also a huge supporter of small and local businesses and love working with you to help you engage with your customers and grow your business.  I'm really flexible in how I can work with you but some of my favourite ways are:

- Strategic planning; helping you work out your goals and how best to achieve them

- Marketing and content plan creation

- Social Media planning and coaching

- Blogging, content creation and copywriting

If you'd like to work with me or find out more about how I can help your business then check out my instagram or drop me an email now.