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Winter Wellness

Well it certainly looks like winter made a return this week.

I love the snow, but if I’m being honest winter totally messes with my self-care. For starters I eat more when its cold (and to be specific; I eat more carbs when its cold). I run less. I’m training for the Mississauga Half Marathon in the spring and its way harder to run outdoors when its cold and the roads are icy. My skin dries out when the temperature drops and my circulation isn’t great so I feel like I constantly have cold hands and feet.

And this has been a dreary winter. One of my favourite things about Canadian winters is how sunny they are, but this one has been grey. And when the sky is grey, so is my mood. Oh and don’t even get me started on my children’s constantly-runny-noses. Yuck.

So other than hibernating for the next few months, some things I plan to focus on for the rest of winter are:

· Sticking to my running routine – being outdoors (even when its cold) has such a positive impact on my mental heath. And those endorphins that are released through exercise always lift my mood. I need to stick to my training plan and be better at holding myself accountable.

· Eating more healthily – yes winter makes me hungrier, but I’m going to try and focus on eating more fruit, vegetables and protein, and less bowls of cheesy pasta.

· Drink more water – its just as easy to get dehydrated in the winter as it is in the summer and right now I’m thirsty all the time. I set hourly reminders on my FitBit to drink a glass of water – it really helps!

· Taking my supplements – I’ve recently started taking a multi-vitamin to help boost essential winter vitamins such as Vitamin D and Vitamin C. I’ve also started taking a Dermal Collagen supplement to help with my winter skin.

· Which leads me on to moisturising – I’m making sure my skin is well moisturised this winter and using SPF 30 sunscreen every day. I’m also treating myself to regular facemasks and using a good eye cream.

· And last but not least, looking after my mind and body with holistic therapies – I’m having regular Reflexology with the wonderful Maria Fiordalisi and last month I tried Reiki for the first time. It really does make me feel so good to invest this time for myself – and you have to practise what you preach, eh?

Most of the items on my Winter Wellness List are pretty self-explanatory. But how do holistic treatments like Reflexology help you during the winter?

· Reflexology can boost your circulation; warming your hands and feet and improving blood flow throughout the body to your vital organs - helping them work optimally and increasing their ability to protect the body better.

· Reflexology can help relieve stress and tension to restore your body's natural balance and boost your immune system.

· Reflexology can help release hormones to lift your mood and pick up your energy levels - improving your sense of wellbeing.

It really is the perfect winter treat – especially if you can get a home visit and don’t even need to venture outdoors. Why not make this the month you give it a try?

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