My Holistic Services

Sessions to suit you:

I work from two spaces in Oakville; C'est la Vie Wellness (Bronte Village) and Gyoker Wellness (Downtown Oakville). 

I also have limited availability for home visits in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Mississauga - please email me to request one. I generally recommend coming into one of the spaces to see me as it is by far the most relaxing options but home visits can be more convenient if you have mobility issues, young babies, or a very busy schedule.

Monday: Gyoker Wellness 10-5

Tuesday: C'est la Vie Wellness 10-5

Wednesday: C'est la Vie Wellness 10-9

Thursday: Gyoker Wellness 10-3

Friday: C'est la Vie Wellness 10-3

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: C'est la Vie Wellness 10-5

Home visits are limited and available on request only.

Please email me for more information.



During a 60 minute session I will use palm healing to channel universal energy to release and balance energy in your chakras and through your body. Physical contact can be adjusted to your preference and you'll leave the session feeling cleansed, balanced and grounded.

60 minutes - $110

Holding Hands


During a Reflexology session I begin by massaging to help you relax and remove tension from your body.  I then use acupressure and massage to work every reflex point in your feet.  Based on your wellness goals and health history I will spend a little extra time on certain areas and systems.

90 minutes (hands & feet) - $125

60 minutes (feet) - $89

45 minutes (feet) - $75

Candle in Hands

Integrated Healing

In this 90 minute session I use a combination of energy healing and acupressure to realign your body from crown to root to the tip of your toe, this session provides the ultimate energy cleanse and will work to release any physical or emotional blockages that your body is holding onto.

90 minutes - $150


Treatments at Gyoker Wellness

Visit me at
118 Thomas Street (Unit 3), Oakville

I offer relaxing Reiki and Reflexology treatments in the bright and open space at Gyoker Wellness in Downtown Oakville.  Appointments are available here on Mondays where we offer Reiki and Reflexology exclusively and I am also available on Thursdays for Reflexology treatments alongside the scalp facial team.


Treatments at C'est la Vie Wellness

Visit me at
88 Nelson Street, Bronte Village Oakville

I offer relaxing Reiki and Reflexology treatments in the peaceful treatment rooms of this wellness centre in beautiful Bronte Village.  Appointments are available here on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.