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I can help you poop.

Updated: May 31, 2021

I like to joke that if there are two things I’d put money on being able to help you with its getting you to sleep and helping you poop.


One of the most noticeable benefits of regular reflexology is improved digestion; less bloating, less cramps and discomfort, and more regular bowel movements. And this works just as well for newborns and children as it does for adults.


When your digestive system is sluggish your whole body suffers; without good digestion it’s hard to absorb the vital nutrients your body needs to give you energy and keep all your other systems in check.


There are lots of practical reasons that our digestion can be off, such as a bad diet, not drinking enough water, or food intolerances. But if you’ve got all of this stuff in check and you’re still feeling a bit off then its worth giving reflexology a try.


There are specific reflex points that I can work to encourage removal of waste from the body - this can be physical waste, emotional waste, and/or energetic waste - points that I’ll work to get things moving in the right direction!


These include;


💩 the stomach

💩 the liver and gallbladder

💩 the intestines

💩 the kidneys

💩 the lungs and chest


But the main reason that reflexology helps you poop is that it helps you relax. When you are stressed it hinders your digestion; your body is so busy dealing with potential threats and stressors that it doesn’t spend enough time focusing on less urgent tasks like digestion.


But when Reflexology is given it activates the parasympathetic nervous system which shuts off your stress response and puts you in your ‘rest and repair’ or ‘rest and digest’ state and can focus on healing, resting and yep, you guessed it; digesting.


If you need some help resting and digesting then come and see me at the C'est La Vie Wellness clinic in Oakville ON. I’m there Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays; book now.

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